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Katherine Gray

Welcome to Little Messy Learners! We run Messy Play & Mark Making classes across the Kwinana, Cockburn & Melville area. We also offer Little Messy Learners birthday parties and themed events! Please get in touch if you have any questions....

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Award-winning messy play and mark-making classes across Kwinana, Cockburn & Melville (and more) for ages 5 months to 5 years.  We learn pre-writing skills through messy play, paint, scribbling, play dough, dance & more!


Hello! My name is Katherine, and I am a local mum of three children living in the city of Kwinana area. My kids and I have enthusiastically attended Little Messy Learners classes, completing the mark making program for many years and we have a love for exploring and learning through getting messy.

After being blessed with the opportunity to be a stay-at-home parent and a local volunteer for the last 6 years, I am beyond excited for the opportunity to support and encourage your family in having the wonderful experience of attending Little Messy Learners classes. Through our Little Messy Learner’s classes your child can safely investigate, learn and explore activities that will enrich their fine and gross motor development, grow their core strength, and advance their early writing skills. Little Messy Learners allows children to confidently while they explore and engage with their environments and develop their sensory skills – all through play-based learning opportunities.


Messy Play Classes – Mark Making Sessions

Our Kwinana Messy Play and Mark Making Program runs for over the regular school terms and provides opportunities for children to learn and grow. Little Messy Learners is a great way of getting involved with your child’s learning – at each of our session’s families will learn about one of our four Mark Makers; Lionel, Archie, Swirlo & Ziggy. Our Mark Makers encourage early exposure to writing by mark making in a fun and engaging environment.


If you can’t commit to a whole term, don’t stress! We have Casual Passes available for each session.


Hit “follow” on our socials to find out when our next term passes go on sale and to see any special offers, or events.


Birthdays, Parties & Private Events – More information COMING SOON!

Please email me at for more information.