Why I love Little Messy Learners!


My mind is still blown by this program!
My kids are completing their first full term of Little Messy Learners this week. Admittedly they do 3 classes a week, so it’s equal to 3 terms. 

The pictures below is of the very first time they were introduced to Little Messy Learners. As you can see my oldest girl, has no idea what’s going on and for my youngest, she wouldn’t even touch the ribbon let alone try and mark make.

They have come so far! Now both are able to make big marks in the air. They have been able to go from making dots on a page, to being able to identify and make circles, arches and straight lines.

My oldest can name all the mark making characters and the mark they represent. She practices her pre-writing skills in any slime, goop or dirt these days. Not just with a pencil and paper.

My youngest speech has just developed like crazy. A by product I didn’t expect, but the constant talking about shape, color, texture and being around other children has gotten her to a stage she is putting together 3 word sentences easily and is only 16 months old.

We haven’t quite gotten the art of Zig Zag marks yet, but this is what learning is about; repetition, continuing to try and doing so in a safe, encouraging and stimulating environment.

I’m super proud of these kids, super happy to be able to offer them a program like this and to be able to offer it to other children too! I can’t wait to see their improvement as we continue!

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