2+years Pre-Kindy School Readiness classes


School readiness includes a lot of factors that help prepare a child for school. In our Prekindy classes we can help by,

1. Guiding parents and children with directional print using 4 familiar patterns, mark making to create future letters and numbers. We teach these patterns and shapes through repetition of marks in each themed class.
2. Developing fine motor skills and core muscles to help build the child’s strength. This benefits children when they start sitting in chairs for longer durations at school.
3. We promote core muscles through shoulders, arms, wrist and fingers as we dance, use scarves, cross our midline with whole body actions.
4. Our sessions includes activities to enhance cognitive skills and fine motor skills using tools and a variety of taste safe materials.
5. Teaching parents developmental grasp of scissors, pincer grip and guiding their manipulation of tools to build strength for future writing.
6. Building upon their attention skills with short mat sessions, familiar routines, classes with predictable activities and small social groups of children which enables children to develop their self confidence to make their own choices.

The phrase School Readiness, also includes self help skills such as dressing, opening lunch boxes and packing their belongings. Children can help build these self help skills on a daily basis by choosing what to wear to class and putting their shoes back on after class.

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