Pancake Day Mark Making


Tuesday 4th March is Pancake Day, and it’s a perfect opportunity to do some mark-making at home! You might see some pancake day-themed activities in your local Little Learners class this week.

Pour out the batter in the shape of your favourite Mark-Maker, in swirls, lines, zig-zags or arches.

Whisking the batter with a fork or a whisk is great practice for the gross and fine motor skills.

Stirring the mixture

Make sure to keep your mixture in the bowl when you do this at home!

Cleaning up!


We make play dough toppings in our classes, but you can use your real toppings on Pancake Day to make shapes and faces on the pancake with fruit or chocolate chips.

Applying toppings to pancakes

. Applying toppings is a great opportunity to test out fine motor skills


You can also use squeezy syrup bottles to draw swirls, lines, zig-zags or arches on your pancakes. Remember to tag us on Instagram if any of the Mark-Makers feature on your plates – @littlelearnersuk!

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