Mark Making using Messy Play trays


Mark Making is an educators way of describing a child’s ability to make meaning of the world through movement in materials such as cereals, flour, sand, noodles, paper, and the use of writing tools such as paint, brushes, textas and chalk. In our classes the themed characters support children by teaching them at the beginning of forming patterns to represent early writing.

Our class also includes the opportunities for children to build core muscles for mark making. Children begin to make their mark through exploring with their sensory ability of touch.

Sensory play can be described as a person exploring using the senses of their body. In our classes, the frequent sense we explore with is touch.  We also utilise the sense of smell, taste and sight when children are interacting with the taste safe materials in the play class.

our all abilities class suite children from babies to prekindy because we work out of trays across the play floor. This is to allow children space to interact. Little ones will sit inside the tray and parents assist to extend on their sensory play.  Older toddlers can use their bodies to reach into the tray smearing transferring or pouring the messy play materials. This type of play encourages children to cross their midline, which engages both sides of the brain.  

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