Growing a Rainbow


Have you ever tried to grow a rainbow? No??? Well, here’s your chance! In todays blog we will be growing a rainbow with just a few easy to obtain items! Of course not a real one, but it’s pretty darn close 😉

This fun little experiment is super easy and can be done with items that most people would be able to find around the home. Make a vibrant rainbow just like Archie!

All you need is:

  • 2 Cups (Clear ones work best but any will do)
  • A piece of paper towel
  • Some coloured markers
  • Water

Fold the piece of paper towel in thirds and colour the either end with a small block rainbow, like the picture below.

Fill your cups with water almost to the top. Then take your paper towel and place each end in a cup. The water should weigh each side down so it stays put!

Watch your rainbow grow as the colours melt together!

Ta Da! Growing a rainbow is just that easy! How amazing do all these colours look intertwining with each other? This is a great craft because its super quick and will keep your little ones entertained for hours on end! It’s the mini science experiment you never knew you needed!

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