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Gingerbread Playdough


Christmas time we often enjoy the smells of the gingerbread man and the gingerbread house. So why not make it for our kids to play with too. Learn to make gingerbread playdough with Little Messy Learners!

Here is a quick modification to mix up a batch of Gingerbread Playdough to play with for the kids at Christmas. Great bulk batch for 6-8 children to enjoy and parents too!

Toddler Safe Gingerbread Playdough

What you need to make Christmas Ginger and Cinnamon Playdough

Bowl, measuring cup, mixing spoon, Sachet of ginger ground, sachet of cinnamon,

1cup salt, 1kg plain flour, cooking oil, kettle boiling water,

2tspoons cream of tartare

Dry ingredients mixing up Playdough with Little Messy learners

Let’s get Making get the kids to help tip, and combine as much has you can. Use the biggest bowl to keep it all together.

4 cups of Plain flour

1 cup of salt spread across the bowl

1/2 sachet of ground ginger

1/2 sachet of cinnamon

2 heaped teaspoons of crème of Tatar

mix it through see coloured of brown blend through the white.

pour in oil across the mixture approx 1/4 cup see it foam up a little,

then pour in boiling water slowly up to 1 cup.
combine with spoon,

as needed add more water or oil to make it moist.
some of the flour is still at the bottom of the bowl.
use fingers to combine dough gathering up flour as you go. Be careful it is still hot!

when ready it should have a nice shiny texture and be warm but slightly sticky.

continue to kneed the dough as it cools down. Add a sprinkle of flour or sprinkle of salt if extra wet to absorb moisture.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

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