Fun with Rainbow Pasta


There are many things your little ones can do with dry pasta – even just a small amount. Rainbow it up by adding ready-mixed paint, mixing it so the pasta is well-covered and leaving to dry for a few hours. Then the fun begins!

I gave my little boy some leftover rainbow pasta I’d made for classes and some tongs. He got his toy tractor involved and made it a stacking activity, trying to balance each piece on top of his tractor’s trailer. Loads of physical development going on here with the precision needed to pick up just one piece of pasta at a time. It was also a great activity for building his problem-solving skills and concentration.

There is a lot more you can do with rainbow pasta – you can talk about and sort it into different colours, or you can count how many pieces your little one can pop into a container. One of my favourites is asking children to get as many pieces as possible into a bottle – definitely a fun fine motor challenge for them – then they also have a colourful shaker to play with! Just the texture of the pasta is exciting to explore and many little ones love to pour and scoop it, or let it rain down onto their toes or listen to the sound it makes as it falls onto a metal tray.

Loads of fun to be had, and I find it keeps my little boy busy for quite a while. All you need is a small amount of pasta and a little learner – try it today!

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