Free Activities to do at home!


With the summer holidays in full swing, we wanted to share with you 3 fun Free Activities you can try at home!

  1. Rainbow Rice

To kick off the first lot of the Free Activities is this amazingly fun rainbow rice! All you need to do is add some dye, food colouring or ready-mixed paint to rice in a baking pan! We prefer the ready-mix paint as it dries quickly! This is the perfect activity for your Little Messy Leaner to practice their mark making as well as strengthen their fine motor skills by using a paint or pastry brush! To really push the boat out for their learning experience, you can hide letters, numbers or words and make them hunt them out!

2. Bun Tray Learning!

Free Activities

Most of us parents end up with so many balls from the pit so what better use to try the second of our free activities on this educational game? All you need to do is add a matching word, colour, picture or number on the ball and bun tray and let your little one match them up! This is a great way to practice their hand-eye coordination and development of motor skills.

3. Building Blocks Phonics

Using a dry wipe pen, write letters/sounds on Duplo/Lego or building blocks to practise segmenting and blending short words. The perfect activity for Nursery and Reception/Primary One children learning phonics. Of course, you can increase the difficulty with this activity by adding phonograms eg- ee, oo, ea, ch. Alternatively, you could write numbers on your blocks and practise number recognition and ordering numbers.

We hope that you enjoyed this blog offering lots of fun and free activity ideas that you can do at home this summer but if you’re looking to get out and about, check out where your nearest class is by clicking here!

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