Franchise Purchase Journey Spotlight with Brooke!


We asked Brooke who owns Little Learners Hobart to talk to her a little bit about her Franchise Purchase journey with Little Messy Learners. We have asked her a series of questions and hope this can be helpful to anyone looking to purchase a franchise with us!

Franchise Purchase

1. What lead you to your Franchise Purchase journey and why did you feel it was your next career move!

I decided to join the franchise journey after I had my first child. My daughter was born with a complex heart condition, and I felt it was important to have a job that supported my role as a mum and the needs of my daughter. Previously, I had worked in Early Learning Services for 10+ years and I knew the demands and hours of the job would not support our family. That’s when I searched for a franchise and found Little Messy Learners, A franchise that supported my passion for the early years and would allow me to remain family-focused.

2. What was it about the Franchise Purchase journey that made you know this was the right thing for you?

I knew instantly talking with Rachel (Owner & founder) that I had landed upon something special. Rachel was passionate, and honest and was equipped to answer any questions I had at the time. Since that first meeting, we remained in contact via email and zoom chats. I spoke to other franchisees in Australia and looked through lots of social media accounts and websites to help gain knowledge of what the program looked like in action.

3. What made Little Messy Learners stand out?

The decision came down to what was popular in our community and what needs were not being met. The benefits of working in early learning and living in a small town gave me the knowledge I needed to seal the deal. I knew Little Messy Learners would be the right franchise for our community as there is no messy play and mark making business operating in our area.

4. How did you find the legal side of things?

My top tip would be not trying to read the whole document at once!

·        Pick a section to read each day/night, highlight any areas you were unsure of, and make notes.

·        Have a family member (mine was my husband) read the document and identify any areas you may have missed.

·        Find a good legal representative to read over the contract and ask them those questions you were unsure about. Legal jargon can become overwhelming so it’s good to have someone who works in the business to reassure you and get you on the right path.

·        Any of the questions that remained unanswered or needed clarification we brought to the attention of the franchise’s legal representative and had them answer prior to signing, always good to get this in writing.

5. What advice would you give to someone about buying a Little Messy Learners Franchise?

I’ve loved every moment of being a part of a franchise and would recommend to anyone wanting to start a small business if it aligned with the person’s lifestyle and passion. What I’ve enjoyed the most about being in a franchise is running my own business as I wish but also having a team to reach out to talk to and support, you are never alone. The one thing that is difficult about starting up is that it’s important to be financially ready and don’t go into business thinking you’ll make a ton of money. To sell your business you’ll need to make an investment, for me that’s been buying equipment and good quality resources. I like to go the extra mile to make things visually pleasing and buy resources that clients won’t have at home, a great marketing tactic. Each day I remind myself to work hard, promote strong, and show up with confidence, and you’ll find success. 

Thank you so much for reading this blog today and if you would like to find out more information on how to become a franchisee with us, please click here!

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