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Our Favourite Christmas Tuff Trays!


We’ve absolutely LOVED seeing how much our customers have been enjoying our Little Messy Learners Christmas classes! Our wonderful franchisees never fail to impress with their amazing activity ideas and festive messy play trays, they’ve gone down a treat with the little ones! In this blog we’ll be taking a look at some of our favourite Christmas tuff trays of 2021!

Let it Go!

Giving you your Frozen fix this Christmas, this stunning wintery tuff tray is so mesmerising to look at as well as acting as a great fine motor activity! Who knew colouring ice would have such a beautiful effect?? With dyed ice and matching cups, this is the perfect multi use activity (either stack the cups, catch the ice in the cups or simply enjoy watching the vibrant ice melt in your hand!).

Worth melting for!

We are OBSESSED with this melting Snowman tray that is both visually and physically stimulating. Using laminated paper and white Oobleck (slime/gloop) it’s the Snowman that never fully melts! The thick and sticky texture of the Oobleck is so much fun to play with and perfect for mark making. You could easily recreate this tray at home using any decorative items you wish!

Christmas Pasta and present 😉

Colouring pasta is one of our all all time favourite craft ideas and we’re so glad to see our amazing franchisees incorporating it into their trays! Using simple ingredients like spaghetti and food colouring makes for an insanely vibrant picture that’s worth snapping! Also, the use of coloured spaghetti is perfect for encouraging the little ones to form their own shapes with an unconventional material. Overall, this tray is so much fun to look at and play with!


What an amazing way to incorporate a classic Christmas treat into messy play! This gingerbread playdough tray is 100% taste safe and perfect for those curious little mouths! Cut, mould and squish yourself silly with this edible messy play idea, it is super easy to recreate. If you’re interested in recreating this gingerbread playdough recipe at home then check out the step by step recipe in this blog!

Gingerbread Playdough – Little Messy Learners

We hope you enjoyed hearing all about our top Christmas Tuff Trays of 2021! If you haven’t already, why not book a Christmas class with us to discover all the ways we can make learning fun!

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