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Love working in education but want to get away from the classroom? Fancy becoming a Franchisee? Read this!

A Little Messy Learners session in full swing
A Little Messy Learners Franchisee

Here at Little Learners, we see most of our new franchisees come with a wealth of educational background. But many want to leave the classroom behind! Below we will look at some of the perks of ditching school working hours and entering franchising. Then take a look at what our current franchisees say!

One of the main reasons we see people leaving the education system is because of the working hours! On a salary, if you work beyond your scheduled hours you don’t often see that time back. We pride ourselves on a business model that means you can pick your hours and have flexibility in your career while still maintaining your passion for education. 

We love meeting new people and the feedback we always hear is that they love they can put the paperwork behind them and focus purely on having fun with children and encourage learning through play. Now in 2023 any teaching is heavily admin led and is becoming less education focused. We’re so pleased that here at Little Learners you can maintain the balance between both! 

Another question we get asked a lot is “Can I be as creative as I like?” and the answer is absolutely!! We understand that in a classroom setting, you can be restricted when it comes to creativity but we highly encourage it. Being a messy play and mark-making franchise we really want children walking away after having an amazing fun and educational session and that is always down to how creative you are.

A child plays in a Little Messy Learners Tuff Tray

What did our Little Messy Learners franchisees from a teaching background have to say?

Elinor from Little Learners Gloucester and Forest of Dean (UK)

I chose to be part of Little Learners as I was instantly drawn to the educational aspect of the classes and making learning fun. 

As a teacher, I had no previous experience of owning a business but Rachel very quickly put my mind at ease and explained everything very clearly. 

The training was very easy to follow and I quickly had my business set up and ready to go. Since then my little business has gone from strength to strength. The support has been fantastic and I just love being part of such an amazing, supportive inspirational group. 

I am very proud of my achievements with Little Learners. I’ve opened my own venue and employ my own staff! I am looking forward to continuing to grow my business with the help and support of the Little Learners Team.

Bernice from Maidenhead and Windsor

I’ve owned a Little Learners franchise for almost 3 years. Going from being an employee at a school to being self-employed is the best career decision I made. It has meant I can work around my family life and not the other way around. Being in control of my own business, I have chosen to do something I enjoy and am passionate about gives me an element of job satisfaction I never dreamed of while working for someone else. Put that together with the support I receive from the franchisor and other franchisees, and I can say without a doubt I would buy a Little Learners franchise again in a heartbeat.

Next Steps?

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