DIY Music Shakers


Are you looking for a fun, messy free and educational activity for your little one? DIY music shakers are exactly that and super easy to make. The best thing about these DIY music shakers is all the resources you need can be found in the kitchen.

My daughter loves our DIY music shakers!

In our shakers I have used penne pasta, oats, sesame seeds, and rice. I purposely picked these ingredients as I wanted to give my daughter exposure to a variety of sounds and weights, supporting her motor skills. I found the sesame seeds provides a peaceful shushing sound, the penne pasta gave a loud banging sound, and the rice was a heavy weight.

What You’ll Need:

  • Child safe containers or bottles
  • Loose part materials. Such as dry foods, natural materials, or craft resources. 
  • Super glue to glue the lid (Optional) 

Learning Benefits:

These shakers are a perfect sensory experience for exploring sounds, beat, and rhyme. As children shake and move the music shaker they are developing their fine and gross motor skills, along with hand-eye coordination. Creating new and familiar sounds boosts cognitive thinking and cultivates your child’s creativity and ability to self express.

Music In Class

Did you know that each messy play and mark making session we start with music and songs? We use shakers, ribbons, and scarves to encourage and guide children to make movements with their bodies. We may create lines, zig zags, arches, and swirls with our arms, finger, legs, or using our whole body.

Have you made music shakers with your children?

Use the hashtag #littlemessylearners to share your creations with us.

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