Cutting & Sticking Together!


Looking for an activity to occupy your little messy learner? Try cutting & sticking – something that’s so easy to set up, with things you already have around the house!

A child tries cutting and sticking to create a collage at a Little Messy Learners class!
Let’s create a collage!

Cutting and sticking is a wonderful activity for children from 2 years upwards! And is nice way to introduce a new activity alongside Messy Play! Take a few pages from a magazine, catalogue or old birthday card and & grab some glue and a pair of child friendly scissors and you’re all set 💜

When your little one first starts, you can do the cutting for them. But encourage them to spread the glue and stick the pictures onto their paper themselves. As they get more confident and their fine motor skills develop, they can begin to chop with you!

But why?

✂️ Cutting & Sticking is great for building hand muscle strength which in turn, helps with mark making and writing skills.

💦 Spreading glue onto little pictures and arranging them to make their very own collage is wonderful activity! Not only does it develop creativity, problem solving skills but also imagination, decision making and supports hand-eye co-ordination.

🗣️ Figuring out how to use the scissors and glue and discussing the pictures in the collage is a brilliant way of developing language. Communication helps little ones to organise their thoughts and ideas.

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