Boredom buster top five!


Fight boredom at any age with my top five activities!

Are you looking for something to occupy your kids on a rainy day, or any day?!  It’s amazing the activities you can create with simple things from your pantry!

Corn flour clay

This versatile clay feels a bit like play dough. You can colour it or leave it white, you can play with it cold and pop it in the fridge or you can cut out shapes, bake it and paint it! So much fun to be had!

Recipe here.

Moon sand

One of my all time favourites!  This is so simple to make, so much fun to play with and can be kept for up to a week!  This can make everything from sand castles to icy poles!

Recipe here.

Sublime slime!

Who doesn’t love slime?! And even better this is taste safe slime!

Recipe here.

Coloured rice

This is a firm favourite for my two girls! They pour it, make ‘icy poles’ with it, feed animals with it, there is so much fun to be had with coloured rice!

Recipe here.

Taste safe play foam

This is quite a new discovery in our house and it is so much fun! Who knew a can of mixed beans could make something so awesome!

Recipe here.

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